14 Jan 1702 - 10 Oct 1785

Father: George BOONE III
Mother: Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE

                                            _George BOONE I_
                          _George BOONE II_|
                         |                 |________________
 _George BOONE III_______|
|                        |                  ________________
|                        |_Sarah UPPEY ____|
|                                          |________________
|--John BOONE 
|                                           ________________
|                         _John MAUGRIDGE _|
|                        |                 |________________
|_Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE _|
                         |                  ________________
                         |_Mary MILTON ____|

[546] "The First 5 Generations of the George Boone Family"
The Boone Society, Inc., October 2006
"The Boone Society has copies of actual baptisms at St. Disens Church in Bradninch, Devonshire,
England, for 6 of the children of George Boone III and wife Mary. (Note: the Old James Boone
Genealogy gives us the actual birth dates.) George III & Mary actually had 10 children, which include
two daughters named Mary, (the first died in infancy)... '1701 John ye son of George Boone baptized
January ye 30th'. He was a school teacher and it was he who preserved the family births and deaths
and passed it on to his nephew James (son of James & Mary) who wrote the Old James Boone
Genealogy, and quoted here: "JOHN BOONE, Senior (Note: called Senior by James Boone, because
James also had a son named John, called John, Junior.) John Boone Senior, (the third Son of George
& Mary Boone) was born in the Town of Bradninch, in Devonshire in Old-England on the Seventh Day
of the Week, about 10 or 11 oclock in the Forenoon, on the 3 January 1701-2, Old-Stile, or A. D. 1702
January 14, New Stile. And he departed this Life on the 10th Day of October 1785, on the Second Day
of the Week, Sixteen Minutes after Midnight, in the 84th Year of his Age (being the oldest of our Name
& Family, that we have heard of ); and was decently interred in Friends Burial Ground at Exeter the next
Day. He (with his Parents, etc.) left Great-Britain in the 16th Year of his Age, and lived exactly 68 years
here (in North-America) from the Day he landed at Philadelphia."

"The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
pp23-24: "John Boone, b. 3 Jan., 1701 or '02. (Old Style) or 14 Jan., 1702 (New Style), in Bradninch,
Devonshire, England; d. Oct., 1785 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. He never married: was a school
teacher and man of some learning. It was he who preserved the record of the family births and deaths
and passed them on to his nephew James (son of James and Mary) who compiled them into the quaint
genealogy which has come down to us. He died in his eighty-fourth year; having lived in America exactly
68 years. His will, which was signed 5 Oct., 1785, proven 22 Oct., 1785, mentiona nephews Judah, Moses,
James and Joshua; and Martha, wife of George Hughes, Rachel, wife of William Wilcoxson, Anne, wife
of Abraham Lincoln, and Mary, wife of Thomas Lee; all of whom were children of his brother James. He
also mentions an Isaiah Boone."

[544] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

[545] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

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