Elisabeth WILLEMS

11 Aug 1842 - ABT 1842

Father: Peter WILLEMS
Mother: Maria Gertrude ERNST

                                                 _Johan Peter WILLEMS _
                         _Bernard WILLEMS ______|
                        |                       |_Maria SCHEULS _______
 _Peter WILLEMS ________|
|                       |                        _Johan Peter KRÄSSER _
|                       |_Catharine KRÄSSER ____|
|                                               |_Barbara DORIJ _______
|--Elisabeth WILLEMS 
|                                                ______________________
|                        _Johann Wilhelm ERNST _|
|                       |                       |______________________
|_Maria Gertrude ERNST _|
                        |                        ______________________
                        |_Anna Catharina KRÖLS _|

[300] Records of the Catholic Church of Kirchweiler, Germany
"On 11 Aug was born Elisabeth, dau of Peter Willems and Gertrud Ernst. +"
(Where "+" indicates the child's death.)

Undated Catholic Church census of Kirchweiler, Germany
"Family of Bernard Willems and Gertrud Ernst of Berlingen...
Elisabeth, born 11 Aug 1842, +" (again, "+" indicates deceased).

This creates a bit of a puzzle. An Elizabeth came to America with Peter and Gerturde
on 12 Aug 1843, who is listed as 8 years old in the 1850 census (enumerated on
10 Aug 1850). That would be consistent with this Elisabeth, born 11 Aug 1842.
If this Elisabeth died, then a 2nd Elizabeth could not have been born before
May 1843, making her just over 7 at the time of the 1850 census. There is no
church record in Kirchweiler of another Willems birth. Perhaps she was born during
the trip, the census has it wrong, and she was a newborn when they emigrated?
Or, since no date is given for the death, could the church records have been updated at
some later time after the listed Elisabeth died in America?

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