ABT 1682 - 11 Oct 1767

  • BIRTH: ABT 1682 [959]
  • DEATH: 11 Oct 1767, Rochester, Plymouth, MA [960]
Father: Andrew CLARKE
Mother: Mehitable SCOTTOW

Family 1 : Edward WINSLOW
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1701, Rochester, Plymouth, MA
  1.  Edward WINSLOW
  2.  Mehitable WINSLOW
  3. +Sarah WINSLOW
  4.  Lydia WINSLOW
  5.  Mercy WINSLOW
  6.  Thankful WINSLOW

                     |  |__
 _Andrew CLARKE _____|
|                    |   __
|                    |__|
|                       |__
|--Sarah CLARKE 
|                        __
|                     __|
|                    |  |__
|_Mehitable SCOTTOW _|
                     |   __

[961] The parentage of Sarah Winslow is unknown. The only speculation I can find, which is intriguing,
comes from a paid query in NEHGR v68 of April 1914 (see below). I include this speculation here
in the hopes of uncovering more genuine information one day. Note that the query advertising was
backmatter in the orignal print journal and does not seem to have survived conversion to searchable
electronic form at NEHGS.

"Vital Records of Rochester, Massachusetts to the Year 1850"
Henry Edwards Scott, ed.
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Boston, MA; 1914
Death: "Winslow, Sarah, w. Maj. Edward, Oct. 11, 1767, in 86th y., G.R.1; Rochester"

"Queries: Winslow-Clarke"
Mary E. Sinnott
NEHGR v.68 p.xv (Apr 1914)
"Edward Winslow (Kenelm, Kenelm) of Harwich and Rochester, Mass., married Sarah -----,
born 1680/1, died Oct. 1767. Was she a daughter of Andrew and Mehitable (Scottow or
Scottoway) Clarke of Harwich? Sarah Winslow had a daughter Mehitable and grandchildren
Clarke Winslow and Scottoway Whitcomb, and the name Sarah was common in the Clarke family.
Andrew Clarke and Kenelm Winslow lived on adjoining lands at Harwich and were joint owners
of a gristmill. Andrew Clarke, Jr., married Elizabeth Winslow."

"Winslow Memorial: Volume I: Kenelm Winslow"
David-Parsons Holton, Frances K. Holton
New York: D.P. Holton, 1877-1888
p89: "Maj. Edward, (Kenelm, Kenelm) b. 30 Jan. 1680-1; d. 25 June, 1760, aged 79. He was
a farmer, and resided in Rochester. "In 1725, together with Ebenezer Lewis, of Barnstable,
and Edmund Freeman, of Harwich, he erected 'iron works, to carry on the making and forging
of iron,' near his dwelling-house, 'on the middle branch of the Mattepoisett River'". He
was selectman in 1716; town clerk; town treasurer, 1723-27; justice of the peace and of
the quorum. He was a major, and was generally known by that title. He m. Sarah ______,
b. 1682, who d. 11 Oct. 1767, aged 85, at Rochester."

"The Winslow Family"
Lucius R. Paige
NEHGR v26 pp69-75 (Jan 1872)
"Edward (Kenelm, Kenelm), b. 30 Jan., 1680-1, was a farmer, and resided in Rochester...
He m. Sarah, who d. 11 Oct., 1767, aged 85. He d. 25 June, 1760."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"WINSLOW, Edward & Sarah [?CLARK] (-1767, in 85th y); by 1701?, by 1703; Rochester"

[959] [S14] Samuel Bullen & Some of His Descendants; May Philipps Train; 1941; p. 55

[960] [S14] Samuel Bullen & Some of His Descendants; May Philipps Train; 1941; p. 55

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