Richard MILLER

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Family 1 : Dorothy WOODHULL

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|--Richard MILLER 
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[4873] "Woodhull Genealogy: The Woodhull Family in England and America",
Mary Gould Woodhull and Frances Bowes Stevens,
Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1904
"One of the first settlers of Easthampton, Long Island, was John Miller, of Maidstone,
County Kent, England. His name is on the Town Records as a Town Trustee in 1659. Andrew
Miller, his son, settled Miller's Place, Long Island, which took from him its name, the
settlement dating from the vear 1671. Miller's Place located upon a level plain at some
fifty feet ahove tide water, is said to be one of the most beautiful villages on the North
side of Long Island. Numerous descendants of John Miller the pioneer colonist, are residents
of Long Island to-day. Richard Miller, supposed to be a son of Andrew, married Dorothy,
daughter of Nathaniel Wodhull, of Setauket, Long Island. Their daughter Sarah married her
cousin, Richard Woodhull."

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Dorothy, b. 29 Nov 1724, married Richard Miller, of Miller's Place, Long Island, supposed
to have been a son of Andrew Miller."

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