Elizabeth WILEMAN

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  • BIRTH: Ulster, NY
Family 1 : Vincent MATTHEWS
  • MARRIAGE: 24 Jan 1754

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|--Elizabeth WILEMAN 
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[3129] There seems to be some disagreement among sources as to the years of the children's births,
and as to whether Elizabeth was the daughter of Catalina Abeel or Elizabeth Wileman.

"John Beekman of New York City and Some of His Descendants"
Mrs. L. Sprague DeCamp
NYGBR v81 p134
"Theophilus married Elizabeth Mathews, a daughter of Vincent Mathews "of
Cornwal Precinct, Orange County, Esq." In the latter's will, dated March
12, 1783 and proved June 21, 1784, he mentioned his first wife Catalina
Abeel and his second wife Elizabeth, both deceased, and children in this
order: Fletcher Mathews, James Mathews, Bridget Jones, David Mathews,
and Elizabeth Beekman. From the text it is inferred that his "late wife
Elizabeth" is mother only of daughter Elizabeth, wife of Theophilus
Beekman. This will, which was filed in Albany as well as New York, named
Theophilus executor."

"General Daniel Bissell : his ancestors and descendants..."
Edith Newbold Jessop
New York, NY, 1927.
p100: "Vincent Mathews became one of the patentees of a tract of land of seven hundred acres
near New Windsor, Orange County, New York, which he called "Mathewsfield." He was taxed at
Newburgh in 1718; was made by Royal Patent, Clerk of Orange County from 1726 to 1763; member
of the Assembly from that county from 1729 to 1739; Judge from 1733 to 1737; and was commissioned
Colonel of the Orange County Regiment of Foot, June 20, 1738. He married, first, Catalina, daughter
of John Abeel (Mayor of Albany in 1694-95, 1709-10), by his wife Catalina Schuyler; and second,
Elizabeth Wileman. He died in June, 1784, at the age of eighty-four, when in New York on a visit."
p100: "By his second wife, Elizabeth Wileman: Elizabeth Mathews. Married Theophilus Beekman."

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