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ABT 1610 - BET 1690 AND 1694

  • BIRTH: ABT 1610, England
  • DEATH: BET 1690 AND 1694, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA
Father: George ALLEN

Family 1 : Joseph (Holway) HOLLOWAY
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1636, Weymouth, Dorset, England [5926]

Family 2 : William NEWLAND
  • MARRIAGE: 16 May 1648, New Plymouth Colony, MA [5927]

                |  |__
 _George ALLEN _|
|               |   __
|               |__|
|                  |__
|--Rose ALLEN 
|                   __
|                __|
|               |  |__
|_ UNKNOWN _____|
                |   __

[4112] The following is taken from The Allen Family Home Page by Jack MacDonald:

"Rose Allen, the eldest daughter of George Allen and his first wife, was
born in about 1609/10 in England. Rose was apparently married twice
during her life. She married first to a man named Joseph Holway (also
written Holloway). Joseph, who was a millwright by trade, is thought to
have been born in about 1605 in England."
"Sometime after arriving in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Joseph and Rose
settled for a short period at Dorchester (now within Suffolk County,
Massachusetts). In about 1637, however, they moved to the newly
established settlement of Sandwich in the New Plymouth Colony of
Massachusetts (now within Barnstable County, Massachusetts), where they
appear to have resided for the remainder of their lives. While residing
at Sandwich, Rose became very active in the Quaker movement and was
often persecuted for her beliefs. Joseph Holway died at Sandwich in
"After Joseph passed away, Rose married for a second time to a man named
William Newland on 16 May 1648 in the New Plymouth Colony. This was also
William's second marriage, having previously been married to a woman
named Elizabeth Smith. Rose is believed to have died at Sandwich, in
what had then been formed into Barnstable County, Massachusetts,
sometime during the period 1690-1695. The date of William's death has
yet to be determined."

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"HOLLOWAY, Joseph (1605-1647) & Rose [ALLEN] (sis George?),
m/2 William NEWLAND 1648; by 1641; Dorchester/Sandwich"
"NEWLAND, William (-1694) (mentions "bro-in-law" William ALLEN)
& Rose (ALLEN) HOLLOWAY, w Joseph, sis William ALLEN, sis George ALLEN;
19 May 1648, 1647?; Sandwich"

[4113] George and Ralph Allen lines from a GEDCOM posted to RootsWeb by R. L. Akin [].

[4114] [S261] Cape Cod Genealogy - Allen Family Project

[4115] [S263] Robert Larry Akin

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[5926] [S261] Cape Cod Genealogy - Allen Family Project

[5927] [S262] Allen Family Home Page

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