26 Oct 1600 - Oct 1631

  • BIRTH: 26 Oct 1600, Droitwich, Worcestershire, England
  • IMMIGRATION: 1620, Plymouth Colony, MA
  • EMIGRATION: BY 1627, England
  • DEATH: Oct 1631, Ludlow, Shrophire, England
  • BURIAL: 11 Oct 1631, Ludlow, Shrophire, England
Father: Edward A. WINSLOW
Mother: Magdalene OLIVER

                     |  |__
 _Edward A. WINSLOW _|
|                    |   __
|                    |__|
|                       |__
|--Gilbert WINSLOW 
|                        __
|                     __|
|                    |  |__
|_Magdalene OLIVER __|
                     |   __

[3966] Came over on the Mayflower and thought to have returned to England.

"Winslow Memorial: Volume I: Kenelm Winslow"
David-Parsons Holton, Frances K. Holton
New York: D.P. Holton, 1877-1888
p23: "The records of the family of Edward Winslow are found in the Parish Register of St
Peter's, Droitwich, which, however, extend no further back than 1560. A very completely
made copy, by Win. S. Appleton, is found in the New England Historical and Genealogical
Register of 1867; Vol. XXI, p. 210. For important purposes we here copy it, with
insertions of our own in brackets:
1600. [Wednesday,] October 29. Gilbert Wynslowe sonne of Edward Wynslowe baptized & borne
on the Sundaye |26th,] next before."

"English Burial and Estate Administration of Gilbert Winslow"
Neil D. Thompson
TAG v81, p246 (Jul 2006)
"Gilbert Winslow was one of five brothers who immigrated to Plymouth Colony, of whom the
best known was Edward Winslow, a Mayflower pilgrim and one of the colony's leaders.
Gilbert's short period of residence in New England was at an end by 1627 when he decided
to return to England... Recent investigation shows that, after he had returned from
Plymouth Colony, Gilbert Winslow decided to reside in Ludlow, co. Salop [i.e.,
Shropshire], where he was buried on 11 October 1631, apparently survived by neither wife
nor children. On 24 December 1631, his brother, Edward Winslow, at this time visiting
England, was appointed to administer Gilbert's intestate estate..."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862, Vol. 4, pp. 598-603
"WINSLOW, GILBERT, Plymouth, third br. of Gov. Edward, with wh. he came in the
Mayflower, 1620, had lot in the div. of lds. 1624, but none in the 1627 div. of cattle,
so that perhaps he went home bef. that act; tho. Dr. Young, Chron. of Pilgr. 275, thinks he
went ot Portsmouth. But the indisputab. word of Bradford (in Hist. since discovered), 454,
shows that he went to Eng. and there d. bef. 1650."

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