7 Nov 1669 - 3 Apr 1761

  • BIRTH: 7 Nov 1669, Harwich, Barnstable, MA [1124]
  • BAPTISM: 31 Jul 1670, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
  • DEATH: 3 Apr 1761, Freetown, Bristol, MA [1125]
  • BURIAL: Apr 1761, South Cemetery, Berkley, MA
Father: Kenelm WINSLOW
Mother: Mercy WORDEN

Family 1 : Margaret TISDALE
  • MARRIAGE: ABT Jun 1691, Freetown, Bristol, MA [5653]
  1.  Mercy WINSLOW
  2.  Rachel WINSLOW

                                     _Edward A. WINSLOW _+
                   _Kenelm WINSLOW _|
                  |                 |_Magdalene OLIVER __
 _Kenelm WINSLOW _|
|                 |                  ____________________
|                 |_Eleanor NEWTON _|
|                                   |____________________
|--Josiah WINSLOW 
|                                    _Peter WORDEN ______
|                  _Peter WORDEN ___|
|                 |                 |____________________
|_Mercy WORDEN ___|
                  |                  ____________________
                  |_Mary ___________|

[1126] "Vital Records of Rochester, Massachusetts to the Year 1850"
Henry Edwards Scott, ed.
New England Historic Genealogical Society
Boston, MA; 1914
Birth: "Winslow, Josiah, s. Kenelm of Yarmouth, bp. July 31, 1670. C.R.2; Scituate"

"Middleborough, Massachusetts Vital Records"
Barbara Lambert Merrick, Alicia Crane Williams, eds.
Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants
Noston, MA; 1986
"1748; Winslow; March the 2nd 1748/9: then Capt Josiah Winslow of Freetown and Mrs hannah
booth of Middleborough was marryed by me Benjm Ruggles"

"Massachusetts Marriages, 1633-1850"
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp.
"Capt. Josiah Winslow; Mrs. Hannah Winslow; 3 Nov 1738; Freetown, Bristol"
"Capt. Josiah Winslow; Mrs. Hannah Booth; 11 Feb 1748; Freetown, Bristol"
"Capt. Josiah Winslow; Hannah Booth; 9 Feb 1749; Middleborough, Plymouth"
"Capt. Josiah Winslow; Martha Hathaway; 30 Nov 1749; Freetown, Bristol"
"Capt. Josiah Winslow; Mary Jones; 22 May 1751; Freetown, Bristol"

"Winslow Memorial: Volume I: Kenelm Winslow"
David-Parsons Holton, Frances K. Holton
New York: D.P. Holton, 1877-1888
p83: "Capt. Josiah (Kenelm, Kenelm) b. 7 Nov. 1669, Marshfleld; d. 3 Apr. 1761, Freetown,
"in his 92d year;" and was buried in South Cemetery, Berkley, Mass.... He was published 13
June 1695, at Freetown, to Margaret Tisdale, of Taunton, Mass., b. 1675, dau. of James and
Mary (Avery) of Berkley, and gr. dau. of John, of Duxbury, who was slain by Indians, 27
June 1675, and Sarah (Walker). She d. 12 Jan. 1737, aged 61, and was buried in South
Cemetery, Berkley, Mass. He m. 2d, 3 Nov. 1737, Mrs. Hannah Winslow, perhaps widow of his
cousin, Richard Winslow, of Freetown. He m. 3d, 2 March, 1748-49, Mrs. Hannah Booth, of
Middleborough; m. 4th, 30 Nov. 1749, Martha Hathaway, of Freetown; m. 5th, (published 6
Sept. 1750,) Mary Jones, of Berkley. His will, dated 5 Mar. 1753, and proved 5 May, 1761."

"The Winslow Family"
Lucius R. Paige
NEHGR v26 pp69-75 (Jan 1872)
"Josiah (Kenelm Kenelm), b. 7 Nov., 1669; received by gift, 27 Feb., 1693-4, one quarter
part of his father's lands in Freetown, and 14 Feb., 1702, purchased all his father's
lands on the west side of Taunton River, and undivided rights in Freetown, where he
resided during the remainder of his long life. He was a clothier, and established the
business of cloth-dressing near Assonet Bridge... His first wife, the mother of all his
children, was Margaret Tisdale, to whom he was published 13 June, 1691. According to the
Freetown and Middleborough Records, he was subsequently married, 3 Nov., 1738, to Mrs.
Hannah Winslow, perhaps widow of his cousin Richard Winslow, of Freetown; 2 March, 1748-9,
to widow Hannah Booth, of Middleborough; 30 Nov., 1749, to Martha Hathaway, of Freetown;
and published, 6 Sept., 1750, to Mary Jones, of Berkley. He d. 3 April, 1761, in the 92d
year of his age. His will, 5 March, 1753, indicates that his wife Mary, and all his
children, except the eldest daughter, were then living."

"History of Scituate, Massachusetts"
Samuel Deane
James Loring; Boston, MA; 1831
pp389-390: "Kenelm, jr. was resident in Yarmouth 1668, from whence he brought to the 2d.
church in Scituate for baptism, Kenelm 1668, Josiah 1670, Thomas 1672. It is well known
that many of the ministers in the Colony were opposed to infant sprinkling at that time."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"WINSLOW, Josiah (1669-1761) & 1/wf Margaret TISDALE (1675-1737); m int 13 Jun 1691;

[1124] [S21] Winslow Memorial, vol. 1; Kenelm Winslow; 1877; p. 78

[1125] [S69] Winslow Memorial, vol. 1; Kenelm Winslow; 1877; p. 78 & New England Historical and Genealogic al Register, vol. 26, 1872

[5653] [S78] New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 26; 1872, p. 70

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