Thomas MORSE

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Family 1 :
  1. +Samuel MORSE

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|--Thomas MORSE 
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[5620] "Samuel Morse, Great Migration Immigrant"
Robert Charles Anderson
"New England Ancestors", Vol. 8, No. 3 (Summer 2007), pp 34-36
[excerpt from "The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England"
Vol. V (M-P), Aug 2007]
"In 1929 G. Andrews Moriarty published an extensive collection of extracts from
probate records and parish registers for ihe surname Morse in Suffolk and Essex
and on that basis constructed a pedigree of the family in those counties [NEHGR
83:70-84, 278-94]. He discussed three Samuel Morses who might have been the
immigrant, and concluded that the New England man was the son of the Rev. Thomas
Morse of Boxted, Essex, Hinderclay, Suffolk, and Foxearth, Essex [NEHGR
83:286-89]. (This same identification had been made in 1865 by Abner Morse
[NEHGR 19:264-66].)
In 1948, in the course of examining John Morse of Boston, Robert H. Montgomery
analyzed Moriarty's arguments and concluded that Moriarty had not proved his
case [TAG 24:147-56, at 148-49]. Less than a year later Moriarty defended his
position vigorously (TAG 25:54-56]. We have accepted Moriarty's identification
as the most likely solution, with the caveat that additional evidence would be

"The Parentage of Samuel Morse of Dedham, Mass."
G. Andrews Moriarty
TAG v25, pp54-56 (Jan 1949)

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