____ - 30 Jul 1675

  • DEATH: 30 Jul 1675
Family 1 : Richard INGERSOLL
  • MARRIAGE: 10 Oct 1611, Sandy, Bedfordshire, England
  1.  Alice INGERSOLL
  2.  John INGERSOLL
  3.  George INGERSOLL
  4. +John INGERSOLL
  5.  Joanna INGERSOLL
  6.  Sarah INGERSOLL
  7.  Bathsheba INGERSOLL
  8.  Nathaniel INGERSOLL
Family 2 : John KNIGHT
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1645, Salem, Essex, MA

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[5021] "Genealogy of the Ingersoll Family in America"
Lillian Drake Avery
Frederick H. Hitchcock, Grafton Press, New York, 1926.
p. 1: "Richard Ingersoll married in Sands, England, October 20, 1616, Agnes or
Ann Langley, who is said to be a cousin of John Spencer of Newbury. Ann
Ingersoll, the widow of Richard, maried for a second husband John Knight,
"Merchant tailor of Newbury". He was the father of John Knight, Jr., who married
her youngest daughter Bathsheba. Ann was his second or third wife and died
July 30, 1675."

"Richard Ingersoll of Salem, Mass.: His Marriage and Family"
Winifred Lovering Holman
NEHGR v90, p92 (Jan 1936)
"It has often been published that Richard Ingersoll of Salem, Mass., was married at Sandy,
Bedfordshire, England. 20 October 1616, to Agnes, or Ann, Langley. That he was certainly
of that shire when he came to New England in 1629 is proved by contemporary accounts. But
the date of the marriage as published is not correct. According to the Registers of St.
Swithin's at Sandy, abstracts of which were made by the rector in September 1935. Richard
Inkersall married Agnes Langlye on 10 October 1611."

"Withington's Abstracts of English Wills"
Lathrop Withington
NEHGR, 54:343 (Jul, 1900)
"I discovered in the Alnwick Tower at Lincoln, in the bishop's transcripts, that
Richard Ingersoll did come immediately from Bedfordshire after all, wherever
was his place of origin. He was, it seems, married at Sandy, 20 October, 1616,
to Agnes Langley. She is not easily identified in the various Langley wills at
Northampton, not being mentioned by her married name so far as I can find.
We know she was a cousin of John Spencer of Newbury, and this makes him
a probable connection of the Connecticut Spencers, who are supposed to
originate in Bedfordshire. - L. W."

"The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633"
Robert Charles Anderson
New England Historic Genealogical Society; Boston, MA; 1995
"MARRIAGE: Sandy, Bedfordshire, 10 October 1611 Agnes Langlye. Anne Ingersoll is
included in the list of those admitted to Salem church before the end of 1636, with
the annotation "removed". She married (2) by 1652 John Knight of Newbury and was
living at the time he made his will, 5 May 1670, in which he bequeathed to "my
wife's grandchild Thomas Hains, 10 to be paid after his time is out".

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"INGERSOLL, Richard (-1644) & Ann/Agnes LANGLEY (-1677), m/2 John KNIGHT 1645+;
Sandy, Eng, Bedfordshire, 20 Oct 1616; Salem"

"Pioneers of Massachusetts"
Charles Henry Pope
Boston, MA; 1900
p252: "Ingersoll, Inkersall - Richard, from Bedfordshire, Eng., sent over to Salem with
his family by the Mass. Bay Co. in 1629... The widow m. 2, John Knight of Newbury.
[Es. files XIV, 29.]"

"Compendium of American Genealogy"
Virkus, Frederick Adams
Institute of American Genealogy; Chicago, IL; 1942
"INGERSOLL, Richard (d. 1644), from Eng. to Salem, Mass., accompanied by bro., John
(qv), 1628; granted 82 acres on the Cape Ann side, 1638, later granted 30 acres of
meadow land; m. 1611, Agnes, or Ann, Langley (d. 1677), she m. 2d, John Knight (qv)."

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