Magdalene WINSLOW

26 Dec 1604 - 25 May 1693

  • BIRTH: 26 Dec 1604, Droitwich, Worcester, England
  • BAPTISM: 30 Dec 1604, St. Peter's, Droitwich, Worcester, England
  • DEATH: 25 May 1693, Shapwick, Dorset, England
  • BURIAL: May 1693, Charlton, Dorset, England
Father: Edward A. WINSLOW
Mother: Magdalene OLIVER

Family 1 : William WAKE
  • MARRIAGE: 25 Apr 1627, Kempsey, Worcester, England

                     |  |__
 _Edward A. WINSLOW _|
|                    |   __
|                    |__|
|                       |__
|--Magdalene WINSLOW 
|                        __
|                     __|
|                    |  |__
|_Magdalene OLIVER __|
                     |   __

[3957] "Winslow Memorial: Volume I: Kenelm Winslow"
David-Parsons Holton, Frances K. Holton
New York: D.P. Holton, 1877-1888
p23: "The records of the family of Edward Winslow are found in the Parish Register of St
Peter's, Droitwich, which, however, extend no further back than 1560. A very completely
made copy, by Win. S. Appleton, is found in the New England Historical and Genealogical
Register of 1867; Vol. XXI, p. 210. For important purposes we here copy it, with
insertions of our own in brackets:
1604. [Sunday,] Dec. 30. Magdalen ye daughter of Edvard Wynslowe was baptized & borne
uppon [Wednesday] the xxvi-th daye of ye same."

"English Burial and Estate Administration of Gilbert Winslow"
Neil D. Thompson
TAG v81, p246 (Jul 2006)
"It is of interest that in this same parish of Ludlow [Shropshire] we find the baptism on
21 October 1626 of a bastard daughter of Magdalene Winsley/Winslow named Alice. Was this
the same Magdalen Winslow (1604-1693), the sister of the five immigrating Winslow
brothers, who on 25 April 1627 married [the Rev.] William Wake at Kempsey, co. Worcester,
having temporarily left her home parish to conceal the birth of an illegitimate child? We
do not know. No other references to this family appear in the Ludlow parish register."

"Mayflower Winslows: Yeomen or Gentlemen?"
John G. Hunt
NEHGR v121 pp25-29 (Jan 1967)
"The youngest daughter was Magdalene, 1604-1693, who stayed in England and whose grandson,
William Wake, 1657-1737, became Archbishop of Canturbury in 1716... It is, therefore, of
some interest to note the actual words of Wake with regard to his grandmother and her
father: he stated: 'My grandfather, Mr. William Wake... was born in St. Margarets
Westminster... 1598... He soon after married my grandmother upon St. Mark's Day April 25th
1627... was born December 26th 1604; her name was Magdalene... dyed in my Father's house
at Shapwick in Dorset, May 25th 1693. She was buried in the Tomb of my uncle Edward Wake
at Charlton, about two miles from Shapwick'..."

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