Charles STILL

ABT 1837 - ____

  • BIRTH: ABT 1837, Ohio
Father: Charles STILL
Mother: Mary Ann NICHOLLS

                      _Henry STILL _|
                     |              |__
 _Charles STILL _____|
|                    |               __
|                    |_Mary ________|
|                                   |__
|--Charles STILL 
|                                    __
|                     ______________|
|                    |              |__
|_Mary Ann NICHOLLS _|
                     |               __

[5135] "Henry Still; Beloit"
"The United States Biographical Dictionary: Kansas Volume"
S. Lewis & Co., Chicago and Kansas City, 1879.
"His father, Charles Still, was the youngest son of the preceding [Henry Still],
and was educated for the Episcopal ministry... entered the profession of an
architect, and became a contractor and builder... His mother, still living, whose
maiden name was Mary Ann Nicholls, of English descent, daughter of John and
Sarah Nicholls... [Harry] returned to Cincinnati and remained until 1857, when he
made a tour to Kansas, bringing with him his two younger brothers, George and
Charles, who remained..."

1850 US Federal Census
Cleveland Ward 1, Cuyahoga, Ohio;
Roll: M432_672; Page: 167; Image: 158.
[Note the common mis-transcription of the surname; also,
son Charles cannot be 18 - he's more likely 13.]
Charles Stell; 46; b. England
Mary Ann Stell; 45; b. England
Henry Stell; 22; b. England
George Stell; 18; b. NY
John Stell; 14; b. NY
Charles Stell; 18; b. OH
Sophia Stell; 11; b. OH

1860 US Federal Census
Leavenworth, Leavenworth, Kansas Territory
Roll: M653_350; Page: 0; Image: 306.
[This census data is problematic. Please see the notes for
Mary Ann Nicholls Still for a complete discussion.]

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