Jonathan SMITH


ABT 1641 - ABT 1718

  • BIRTH: ABT 1641
  • DEATH: ABT 1718
Father: Richard SMITH
Mother: Sarah HAMMOND

Family 1 : Sarah BREWSTER
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1673
  1. +Jonathan SMITH
  2.  Deborah SMITH
  3.  Richard SMITH

                 |  |__
 _Richard SMITH _|
|                |   __
|                |__|
|                   |__
|--Jonathan SMITH 
|                    __
|                 __|
|                |  |__
|_Sarah HAMMOND _|
                 |   __

[3395] Jonathan inherited his father's homestead, which adjoined his own residence at Nissequogue.
On 1 June 1670 at the Court of Sessions held at Southold, action was brought by Jonas Wood of
Huntington against Jonathan Smith "for keeping a horse belonging to the former, and Richard Smith Jr.
made answer for his brother. The defendant was ordered to pay to the plaintiff thirty shillings, and
also twenty-five shillings to Wood's attorney." Jonathan and Sarah had two sons and one daughter.

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Jonathan Smith (Richard), born about 1641, died about 1718, married Sarah, daughter
of the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster and oldest child by his second wife, Sarah, daughter of
Roger Ludlow. Nathaniel Brewster was a son of Francis and Lucy Brewster, of New Haven.
He was in the first class to be graduated from Harvard College, in 1642. He was the
first installed minister of the church at Setauket, going there in 1665, after a period
of years spent in England and Ireland."

"Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island, N.Y."
Transcribed by William S. Pelletreau
Huntington, N.Y.: Long-Islander Print, 1898, 569 pgs.
(Includes wills, deeds and other documentation of the "Bull Smiths"; p464 includes the
"Descendants of Jonathan Smith")

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"SMITH, Jonathan & Sarah [BREWSTER] (1656l-); ca 1673?; Smithtown, NY"

[3396] Smith line from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by Evelyn Beran [].

[3397] [S227] The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island. Ten Generations

  • PAGE: pp. 31-32

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