William SAVIL

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____ - 6 Apr 1669

  • CHRISTENING: 24 Feb 1604, Saffron Walden, Essex, England
  • DEATH: 6 Apr 1669, Braintree, Suffolk, MA
Father: William SAVIL
Mother: Margaret (Margery) PARKER

Family 1 : Hannah TIDD
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1642, Braintree, Suffolk, MA
  1. +John SAVIL
  2. +Samuel SAVILLE
  3. +Benjamin SAVIL
  4. +Hannah SAVILLE
Family 2 : Sarah
  • MARRIAGE: 1650, Braintree, Suffolk, MA [5816]
  1. +William SAVIL
  2.  Sarah SAVIL
Family 3 : Sarah MULLINS
  • MARRIAGE: 8 Nov 1655, Braintree, Suffolk, MA [5817]

                              _George SAVIL _____________|
                             |                           |__
 _William SAVIL _____________|
|                            |                            __
|                            |_Catherine BYSHOP (Perryn)_|
|                                                        |__
|--William SAVIL 
|                                                         __
|                             _Thomas PARKER ____________|
|                            |                           |__
|_Margaret (Margery) PARKER _|
                             |                            __
                             |_Christian ________________|

[1963] "Vital Records of Braintree, Massachusetts"
Edited by Samuel A. Bates, 1886
Marriage: Savill, William; Gannitt, Sarah; 09m 06d 1655, p. 716, by Major Atherton of Boston"

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
p. 653:
SAVIL, William1 (-1669) & 1/wf Hannah [TIDD] (-14 Jun 1650); b 1642; Braintree
SAVILL, William1 (-1669) & 2/wf Sarah ? (-13 Jul 1655); 1650, 1651; Braintree
SAVILL, William1 (-1669) (calls Samuel BASS "brother" 1669) & 3/wf Sarah (MULLINS)
GANNETT, w Thomas, m/3 Thomas FAXON 1670; 8 Nov 1655, 6 Nov 1655; Braintree

"American Marriage Records Before 1699"
William Montgomery Clemens
Pompton Lakes, NJ, 1926
"William SAVILL, Sarah Gannitt, 9 June 1655, Braintree, Mass."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers
of New England, Before 1692"
James Savage
Boston, MA, 1860-1862
Savage notes great uncertainty in the identity of
William's later wife/wives "Sarah".

"Genealogies of the Families Of Braintree, Norfolk, Mass."
Waldo Chamberlain Sprague, AB
NEHGS, Boston

Savil and associated lines from a GEDCOM posted to
Rootsweb by Evelyn Beran [evalyn.beran@charter.net].

William Savil was the son of William and grandson of George Savil of Saffron Walden Co. Essex, England, and was baptized there 24 February 1604/1605. He apparently was unmarried when he came to New England. Savage says that he was at Braintree in 1640. Sprague says he was first of record about 1641 at Cambridge where he was employed by Nathaniel Eaton. (Lechford's Notebook). He was a joiner. He came to Braintree in 1642 where his sister Anne wife of Samuel Bass had located, but he is not mentioned at all in town records. In his will in 1669 he twice calls Deacon Samuel Bass his brother and makes him an executor.
There is no record of the purchase of his homestead which was on present School Street in Quincy, where the Presbyterian Church now stands. It remained in the hands of his descendants more than 150 years. In 1667 William Savil with four others purchased a large tract of land in present Wollaston known as "Salter's Farm" from the heirs of William Tyng, his share being one quarter part. (See also NEHGR 107:218.)
He married 1st Hannah Tidd (or Teed), daughter of John & Margaret Tydd of Charlestown and Woburn. She died 14 June 1650. John Tydd's will mentions his son Savell's children, Benjamin, Hannah, John, and Samuel.

The will of William Savil of Braintree is dated 19 February 1668/1669. (NEGHR 48:323)
To wife Sarah house & 1/2 the orchard for life - she bearing my name, but in case the heir of this house, my son Benjamin Savel give her yearly 20/ towards hiring a chamber where she pleases and in case she live in town my three sons John, Samuel, Benjamin shall bring her 4 cord of wood yearly, also a fat swine, 20 bu. corn, a bed and what she brought I leave with her own and her land at Bridgewater with two cows and the wintering of them.
To son John the whole house barn, shop tools, stuffe as timber pertaining to his trade with the land adjoining his house and pasture & close adjoining with Dearing's lot, 6 acres on the hill & 3 a. marsh land that was brother Bass. To sons Samuel, Benjamin, William the farm land equally divided, but three eldest sons are to pay remainder debt for Salter Farm. John & Benjamin an equal proportion in land at Bridgewater and Quinipauge and pay out their sisters portions -, Hannah Savil to have 4 acres in the Old Field joining Barnabas Derrifield for a debt of 13, they or each of them make take the land.
Also 40 to Hannah to be paid by John, Samuel & Benjamin. To daughter Sarah 30 at age 21 paid by sons John, Samuel & Benjamin. Moveable goods to sons and daughters equally. To son Samuel I give William Vesey's lot adjoining Dearing's lot but must be satisfied for out of my meadow at the farme before the division be made by my sons. To son Benjamin my dwelling house as formerly expressed and my old barn, orchard and bit of meadow adjoining. Son John executor with my brother Samuel Basse.
Daughter Hannah left to the care of brother Bass and daughter Sarah I leave to my wife. Son William to live as an apprentice with son John Savel until aged 21.
Thomas Faxon Sr. & William Needham to see will performed.
Witness: Samuel Bass, Edward Quincy.
Inventory is dated 6 April 1669: House, barn & a bit of meadow 90.
John's house, shop, barn, and about 3 acres 120.
Dearing's lot & 6 acres on the hill & 11 acres 66.
3 a. Salt Marsh 30.
Land bought of Mr. Broadstreet 250.
4 a. on Stony Hill 13.
Land at Bridgewater 20.
Land at Quamapaugin 10.
Land at Bridgewater 57.
On 14 June 1669 articles of agreement between Sarah Savell, relict & John, Samuel & Benjamin Savil.:
1.) She being dissatisfied they agree she shall have her whole estate she brought their father for her use.
2.) Instead of 20 bu. corn they engage to pay 3 bu. wheat, 3 rye, 6 of malt, 8 of Indian.
3.) If she marry to have 4 yearly - 20/ in pork, 3 in corn, for which she promises to be satisfied.

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    William1 Savil (-1669) & 2/wf Sarah (___) (-13 Jul 1655); 1650, 1651; Braintree

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  • DATA:

    William1 Savil (-1669) & 3/wf Sarah (Mullins) Gannett, w Thomas, m/3 Thomas Faxon 1670; 8 Nov 1655, 6 Nov 1655; Braintree

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