27 Nov 1759 - 9 Feb 1854

  • BIRTH: 27 Nov 1759, Greenwich Twp, Sussex/Morris, NJ
  • EMIGRATION: 1790, Ontario, Canada
  • DEATH: 9 Feb 1854, Grimsby, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
  • BURIAL: St. Andrew's Ang. Cmtry., Grimsby, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada
Father: Johan Wilhelm (Beamer) BOHMER
Mother: Mary Elizabeth GLASSUER

Family 1 : Anna YOUNG
  • MARRIAGE: 7 Apr 1782
  1.  Effemary (Eve) BEAMER
  2. +Anna Mary "Polly" BEAMER
  3.  Catharine BEAMER
  4.  Anna Margaret "Peggy" BEAMER
  5.  Elizabeth "Betsy" BEAMER
  6.  John Dennis BEAMER
  7.  William BEAMER
  8.  Anna BEAMER

                                 |  |__
 _Johan Wilhelm (Beamer) BOHMER _|
|                                |   __
|                                |__|
|                                   |__
|--John BEAMER 
|                                    __
|                                 __|
|                                |  |__
|_Mary Elizabeth GLASSUER _______|
                                 |   __

[1176] "Smith Genealogy (Absalom Smith)"
Jesse Smith Lowe, Highland Park, IL (1933)
Blanche Beal Lowe, Newark, OH (1966)

1851 Census of Canada
Grimsby, Lincoln, Canada West (Ontario)
District 22, Sub-District 207
Roll C_11736, Page 79, Line 17
Next door to son William.

Brant County, Ontario Biographical Sketches: Burford Township
from "History of Brant County, 1883"
Warner and Beers, p. 621

"Annals of the Forty"
R. Janet Powell
Grimsby Historical Society, 1950-1959
Volume 3, p. 27

"People & Places From Grimsby's Past"
Dorothy Turcotte, Grimsby, ON, 1995
Beamer, pp. 18-20

John Beamer who came to The Forty in 1790 was the son of Johannes Boehmer who was born in Heidelberg, Germany. It is said that Johannes left home as a very young man and came to North America to avoid military service, arriving in Philadelphia in 1755. Shortly after his arrival, he was joined by his sweetheart, Mary Elizabeth Glauser, and they were married. The couple had only one son, John Jr. who married Anna Young (Jung). In 1790, John, Anna and their four little girls left New Jersey to make a new home in Upper Canada. It took them two months to reach their destination. This must have been a difficult journey for John; as a young man he became lame from a broken leg that was poorly set.

John Beamer purchased land on the escarpment from John Green. He built a comfortable home on the south side of Ridge Road, and a mill by the waterfall that bears his name. From a miller's point of view, this was an ideal situation, for Beamer was able to control the flow of water in the creek downstream. This often caused friction with his neighbours, John Green and Robert and William Nelles who had mills below. When they needed water to operate their mills, Beamer would sometimes have it dammed above, while on other occasions he would let the water flow down without warning so that the millers below could not make use of it. On one of these occasions, John Green claimed compensation for damages done to his mill and dam due to sudden flooding.

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