1617 - 1688

  • BIRTH: 1617, Aller, Somerset, England [1102]
  • DEATH: 1688 [1103]
Father: Ralph CUDWORTH
Mother: Mary MACHELL

Family 1 :

                                     _Rauf CUDWORTH _+
                   _Rauf CUDWORTH __|
                  |                 |_Agnes LEES ____+
 _Ralph CUDWORTH _|
|                 |                  _Arthur ASHTON _
|                 |_Jane ASHTON ____|
|                                   |________________
|--Ralph CUDWORTH 
|                                    ________________
|                  _John MACHELL ___|
|                 |                 |________________
|_Mary MACHELL ___|
                  |                  ________________
                  |_Jane WOODROOFE _|

[1104] "The Scott Genealogy"
Mary Lovering Holman
Boston, MA; 1919; pp259-262
"Rev. Ralph, b. in 1617, in Aller in Somerset..."

"Records of the Cudworth Family"
W. John Calder; 1941; p. 6
"Ralph Cudworth was born in 1671, 7 years before the death of his father. His
educaion was undertaken by Rev. John Stoughton, who became his stepfather,
not long after the death of his father. He graduated from Cambridge University,
Emanuel college, in 1635, and was elected a Fellow of the college, and spent
some years in tutoring. In 1654 he was elected Master of Christ's College of the
University, and soon after married Damaris Craddock, daughter of Matthew
Craddock. He write many religious pamphlets, and his most noted work "The
Intellectual System of the Universe" may be found in most of the larger libraries."

"Maternal Ancestry of Gen. James Cudworth"
Harriet de Salis
NEHGR v30, p464 (Oct 1876)
"John Machel, of Tangley in Surrey, m. Jane, dau. of Sir Nicholas Woodroofe, knt., and had
Mary, nurse to Prince Henry, son of James I.; m. lst, Ralph Cudworth, rector of Aller,
Somerset, and chaplain to James I. (see Register, xxi 249), who d. 1624. They had: I,
James of Scituate in Plymouth colony; 2, Ralph, b. 1617, author of the Intellectual System
of the Universe; and other children. [Mrs. de Salis we understand has the English pedigree
of the Cudworths.] She m. 2d, John Stoughton, D.D., of London, who d. May 4,1639."

"Cudworth and Stoughton"
John Ward Dean
NEHGR v21, p249-250 (Jul 1867)
"Ralph Cudworth, D.D., author of the "Intellectual System," was born at Aller in 1617. The
memoir first quoted States that his mother 'was of the family of Machell, and had been
nurse to Prince Henry, oldest son of James I., and, after Dr. Cudworth's death, married to
Dr. Stoughton'."

[1102] [S64] Records of the Cudworth Family; W. John Calder; 1941; p. 5

[1103] [S66] Records of the Cudworth Family; W. John Calder; 1941; p. 7

[5673] [S85] Records of the Cudworth Family; W. John Calder; 1941; p. 6

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