Elizabeth FROST

30 Apr 1674 - ____

  • BIRTH: 30 Apr 1674, Billerica, Middlesex, MA
Father: Samuel FROST
Mother: Elizabeth MILLER

Family 1 : John NEEDHAM
Family 2 : John FRANCIS
  • MARRIAGE: 18 Sep 1705, Billerica, Middlesex, MA

                    |  |__
 _Samuel FROST _____|
|                   |   __
|                   |__|
|                      |__
|--Elizabeth FROST 
|                       __
|                    __|
|                   |  |__
|_Elizabeth MILLER _|
                    |   __

[4832] In 1698, John Needham was embroiled in scandal and was judged to the
father of Elizabeth Frost's bastard child. The name of the child is not yet known.
Elizabeth and John Francis are said to have had one daughter, Elizabeth, but
there does not seem to be a record of her birth, making it at least possible
that she is the child of John Needham.

"Sex in Middlesex: Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699"
Roger Thompson
University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, 1986
(Thompson quotes extensively from the original court order books.)
pp28-29: "Their honors judged John Needham to be the reputed father of the
child and ordered him to pay 2s. 6d. maintenance per week. Needham appealed
to the superior court whose judgement is not known."

"History of Billerica, Massachusetts with a Genealogical Register"
Rev. Henry A. Hazen
Boston, A. Williams and Company, 1883
Genealogical Register, p61
"Elizabeth, b. 1674, April 30; m. John Francis, of Medford"

"Frost Genealogy in Five Families"
Norman Seaver Frost
Frost Family Association of America
West Newton, MA, 1926
p9: "Elizabeth, the only daughter of the family, and twin sister to Thomas,
m. Sept. 18, 1705, John, the youngest child of Stephen and Hannah (Hall) Francis,
who were m. Dec. 27, 1670. Child: Elizabeth."

"Vital Records of Medford, Massachusetts to the Year 1850"
New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, 1907
"Elizfabeth and John Francis; Dec. 13, 1705; Marriage; Medford"

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