Jeremiah BROWN

____ - ABT Oct 1690

  • DEATH: ABT Oct 1690, Kingstown, Washington, RI
Family 1 : Mary
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1679, Newport, Newport, RI

   |  |__
|  |   __
|  |__|
|     |__
|--Jeremiah BROWN 
|      __
|   __|
|  |  |__
   |   __

[4803] "Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island"
Jane Fletcher Fiske
Boxford, MA, 1987; p13
"The second Mary Cooke, who survived her husband, was much younger - young enough to have been his
granddaughter. She and Thomas had no surviving children, and her identity is therefore not critical to Cooke
descendants, but she married, second, in 1679, as his second wife, Jeremiah Brown of Newport, son of Chad
and Elizabeth (Sharparowe) Brown, and bore him at least two children. Although proof is lacking, this compiler
considers it a strong possibility that the second Mary was Mary Shearman, born in May 1645, daughter
of Philip and Sarah (Odding) Shearman of Portsmouth."

"Chad Browne of Providence, RI and Four Generations of his Descendants"
William Bradford Browne
NEHGR v80, p73 (Jan 1926)
"Jeremiah Brown (Chad), of Newport, died between 16 Sept. and 30 Oct. 1690. He married first Mary ---, who
is named in a deed in 1672: and secondly, before 1680, Mary (---) Cook, widow of Thomas Cook. He left a will,
which was held to be invalid because it had only two witnesses. The names of all of his children are not known."

"New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"BROWN, Jeremiah & 1/wf Mary [?GARDINER]; by 1672; Newport"
"BROWN, Jeremiah & 2/wf Mary (_____) [COOK], w Thomas; by 1680; Newport"

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