Martin Stockli

Martin Stöckli

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Physics, 1978, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Research Interests: Atomic physics with low-energy, highly-charged ions;
ion-surface interactions; electron impact ionization; accelerator physics;
physics and technology of ion sources; vacuum technology.

Recent Publications:
  • "The Effect of Indirect Ionization on the Charge State Distributions Observed with Highly Charged Ion Sources", M. P. Stockli, R. Becker, O. Delferriere, Th. Gebel, N. Kobayashi, U. Lehnert, J. Matsumoto, and F. Ullman, Review of Scientific Instruments 71, 1052 (2000)
  • "New Improvements on the KSU-CRYEBIS, a User Facility for Low Energy,Highly Charged Ions", M. P. Stockli, C. L. Cocke, A. Cuquemelle, B. D. DePaola, C. Doudna, Eastman, E. Edgu-Fry, T. Ehrenreich, C. Fehrenbach, D. Fry, P. E. Gibson, S. Kelly, U. Kentsch, N. Kobayashi, U. Lehnert, J.Matsumoto, S. Madzunkov, I. Reiser, P. Richard, R. Schedler,and T. N. Tipping, Review of Scientific Instruments 71, 902 (2000)
  • "Capture and Ionization Processes Studied with COLTRIMS", M. A. Abdallah, A. Landers, M. Singh, W. Wolff, H. E. Wolf, E. Y. Kamber, M. Stöckli, and C. L. Cocke, Nucl. Instrum. and Methods B 154, 73 (1999)
  • "Longitudinal and Transverse Recoil Electron Capture Processes in 0.5-50keV/u C5+-He Collisions", E. Y. Kamber, M. A. Abdallah, C. L. Cocke, and M. Stockli, Physica Scripta T80, 367 (1999)
  • "Single and Double Electron Capture from He by Ar16+ Studied Using Cold-Target Recoil-Ion Momentum Spectroscopy", M. A. Abdallah, W. Wolff, H. E. Wolf, E. Y. Kamber, M. Stöckli, and C. L. Cocke, Phys. Rev. A 58, 2911 (1998)
  • "X-Ray Emission for Ar Ions Impacting on SiO2", U. Lehnert, M. P. Stöckli, and C. L. Cocke, J. Phys. B 31, 5117 (1998)
  • "A New Hemispherical Analyser with 2-D PSD and Focusing Lens forUse in 0° Electron Spectroscopy", E. P. Benis, K. Zaharakis, M. M. Voultsidou, T.J.M. Zouros, M. Stöckli, P. Richard, and S. Hagmann, Nucl. Instrum. and Methods B 146, 120 (1998)
  • "Momentum Images of Continuum Electrons from He+ and He2+ on He: Ubiquity of p Structure in the Continuum", M. A. Abdallah, C. L. Cocke, W. Wolff, H. Wolf, S. D. Kravis, M. Stöckli, and E. Kamber, Phys. Rev. Letters 81, 3627 (1998)

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