____ - 1683

Father: John WHITCOMB
Mother: Frances COGGAN

Family 1 :
  • MARRIAGE: 19 May 1669, Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA [4980]

                                    _William WHETCOMB _+
                   _John WHETCOMB _|
                  |                |_Dorothy TAYLOR ___+
 _John WHITCOMB __|
|                 |                 _John HARPER ______
|                 |_Ann HARPER ____|
|                                  |_Frances SMYTH ____
|                                   _Henry COGAN ______
|                  _Henry COGAN ___|
|                 |                |_Elizabeth CARYE __
|_Frances COGGAN _|
                  |                 ___________________
                  |_Joan BORIDGE __|

[1025] Source: The Whitcomb Family In America; Charlotte Whitcomb; Minneapolis,
MN, 1904; p. 351-352

Job Whitcomb was a surveyor in Lancaster. The town of Lancaster during
the winter of 1675-76 was a scene of alarm, violence and death because of
the depredations of the savages, and on 10 February, of that season, the
house of the pastor, Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, was attacked, whereupon he
left the town and later settled in Wethersfield, CT. Lancaster being
considered untenable, troops were sent up with carts and the people and
all of their movable property were conveyed to the Eastern towns, where
they found homes with their friends. The Indians immediately descended
upon the luckless town and burned every house except the house of God and
one other.

Job Whitcomb's name was signed with those of his brothers, John and
Jonathan, to a petition to governor and council for aid after this raid;
but he did not return to Lancaster at the resettlement of the town but
followed the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson to Wethersfield, and settled there,
probably after 1678, as the birth of his daughter, Jemima, is recorded in
Cambridge in that year. According to Probate Court files he owned land
in Wethersfield in 1680 on a proposed six-rod highway to Rocky Hill, then
a part of Wethersfield.

His will mentions four children, and his brothers, Jonathan and Josiah.

[1024] [S49] The Whitcomb Family In America; Charlotte Whitcomb; 1904; p. 352

[4980] [S83] The Whitcomb Family In America; Charlotte Whitcomb; 1904; p. 351

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