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On Saturday, 03 September 2005 Ed Hirst and Alicia Allbaugh were joined in matrimony! This perfect couple could not have had a more perfect ceremony and reception. Below are just a few pictures from that happy day.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 380 kB in size.
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Ed and Alicia open gifts at an informal party on Thursday evening.

Aren't they cute? :-)

Here's the church...

...and here's the steeple...

The reception festivities began on the Longaberger Country Club patio.

The view of the golf course and the Licking valley from the patio.

The bride and groom view the scramble for the bouquet.

Ed and Alicia at the head table.

Gary, Nagin, Earl and Rebecca chat at the "Stardust" table.

Alicia and Jessica.

The bride and groom react to events across the room while the "Stardust" table checks out the rings.

The bride strikes a pose.

More lighthearted moments with the bride and groom.

The Country Club entrance by night, after the day's revelry.

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