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In the fall of 2006 I vacationed with my friends Ed Hirst and Alicia Allbaugh at their new home in the LA area. For the adventure of it all, I took Amtrak's "Southwest Chief" from Topeka to LA and back. The payoff for the 33-hour trip is the incredible scenery in the mountains and high plains of Colorado and New Mexico, made all the better by the fall color and a recent early snowstorm. An Acrobat-format brochure details the route.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.8 MB in size.
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The Topeka station's not much to look at...

...but the journey begins here, at 0100 hrs!



By morning light we were in southeast Colorado.



Pike's Peak is off in the distance.




Such a picturesque way to travel!


"Smoking stop" in Raton.




The observation car: scenery by day and movies by night.

Los Vegas, NM station.



Sandia ridge in the fading evening light.

Albuquerque, NM station.

The next morning we've reached San Bernardino county.


On the eastbound return leg now...

...and first light has us in the high New Mexican desert.







The business end.


We had a long stopover in Albuquerqe...


...with time enough to look around.





Sweet paint job.

Back on track...


...and passing by Sandia ridge again.


The coach car.

Rugged Colorado terrain.



There were more of us eastbound than westbound.

The dining car being prepared for an excellent dinner.
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