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In the fall of 2006 I vacationed with my friends Ed Hirst and Alicia Allbaugh at their new home in the LA area. My first full day in LA was Halloween, and was spent at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, where both Ed and Alicia are employed. Besides getting the cook's tour, I got to see both the costume contest and the premier of the new JPL visitors' film!

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On Halloween, JPL had some fun and kicked off its United Way drive with a costume contest.

Mother Nature was MC for the contest, while astronaut "Sally Ride" promoted the charity work.

The Harpies were there to torment Phineas. A truly over-educated group of people at JPL!

Poor Phineas...


The Pussycat Dolls.

Look close; this fellow's the LA freeway system.


Left, a model of Casinni, and above, a full-scale model of Huygens, in von Kármán Auditorium.

Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor models.

Voyager looks over the crowd gathered for the premier of a new JPL promo film.

Full-scale model of a Mars Exploration Rover in the von Kármán museum.


Tame deer wander the grounds of the lab.

The Space Flight Operations Facility (SFOF).

You can play the promo film on the big central monitor from the visitors' gallery.


The "Mars Yard", where they test the rovers, and the closest to Mars I'm likely to get...
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