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Starting on Monday, 10 December 2007 the Great Plains suffered an enormous ice storm, and Manhattan was particulary hard-hit. There was massive damage to trees and widespread, long-lasting power outages. The icing is captured in photos in my Ice Storm gallery. Here we have some of the aftermath on Thursday, 13 December, when it finally got warm enough to melt some of the ice. Cold water and chunks of ice rained down out of the trees. The thumbnails below link to short videos of the meltdown raining from a big tree in front of Cardwell Hall. The sound you here is from the downpour. The video quality isn't the best, and I still need to rotate the second movie; in some respects you had to be there...

The thumbnails below links to AVI video files of about 9 and 5 MB in size.



Ice melting after the storm Ice melting after the storm

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