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Spring 1999

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 119.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 1630 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Brett Esry.
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Spring 1999
Date Speaker Topic
05 February
Philippe Roncin
LCAM, Paris
Soft Electrons Produced by Slow, Highly Charged Ions Incident on Surfaces
10 February Chris
Diode Laser Excited Lithium
11 February
Jean-Pierre Gauyacq
LCAM, Paris
Charge Transfer Between an Atom and a Cu(111) Surface: Effect of the Surface Projected Band Gap
17 February Uwe
Does the Negative Ion of Cesium have a Bound Excited State?
24 February Manolis Benis
A New Hemispherical Spectrograph for Use in Zero-Degree Auger Projectile Spectrometry
03 March Erge
Ionization of He by 15-40 kev Protons
10 March Cristian
Low Lying Resonances of Heavy Alkali Negative Ions: Comparison Between Rb-, Cs- and Fr-
24 March Spring Break & APS Centennial
06 April
Tues, 1430
Allen Landers
West. Michigan
Differential Measurements of Low Energy Electrons From Collisions Between Fast Projectiles and Deuterium and Helium Targets - PhD Defense
07 April Clara Illescas
Classical Treatment of Ionization and Charge Transfer Processes in Aq+ + H and H2 Collisions at Intermediate Energies
14 April Uwe
Neutralization of Slow Multiply Charged Ions at Surfaces: Comparison Between Simulation and Experiment
21 April Mitio Inokuti
Survey of Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with Atoms
05 May Bertold Kraessig
Non-dipolar Photoionization with keV X-rays
12 May Finals Week
Summer 1999
12 July
Mon, 1030
Verena Luger
Max Planck
A Cold Atom Target for Transverse Beam Diagnostics of Fast Ion Beams in Storage Rings
13 August
Fri, 1000
Bela Sulik
Multiple Scattering of the Ejected Electrons in Intermediate Velocity Atomic Collisions
18 August
Wed, 1000
Bela Sulik
Two- and Three-body Effects in Fast Ion-atom Collisions: Analogies Between Photon Impact and Charged Particle Impact

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