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The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Brian Washburn.
Last updated on Tuesday, 21-Oct-2008.
Spring 2006
Date Speaker Topic
18 January Theo Zouros
Selective cascade feeding of metastable states in ion-atom collisions
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.9 MB).
25 January Marlene Wickenhauser
Above-threshold-ionization (ATI) of atoms in an intense, few-cycle laser pulse
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (1.4 MB).
01 February Ahmer Naweed
Ultrafast Chromium-Forsterite laser and its application to frequency metrology
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (12 MB).
08 February Giorgi Veshapidze
Application of COLTRIMS to study collision induced dissociation of multiply charged benzene
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (9.8 MB).
15 February Rajesh Thapa
Saturation spectroscopy - Inside photonic band gap fiber
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (9.8 MB).
24 February
Fri, 1430
Bill Stwalley
Photoassociative spectroscopy and ultracold molecule formation, and state-selective detection and transfer of the polar molecule KRb
01 March Bishwanath Gaire

Brett Esry
Using molecular dissociation to determine the efficiency of a delay line microchannel-plate detector
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (1.5 MB).

Re-examination of the adiabatic Floquet treatment of H2+
Available as Acrobat (670 kB).
08 March Boyan Obreshkov
Neutralization of H- near metal vicinal surfaces
Available as Acrobat (1.5 MB).
15 March Kurt Vogel
Precision Photonics
Commercial applications of wavelength metrology
20-24 March Spring Break
29 March Mahendra Shakya
Effects of carrier envelope phase on single shot XUV supercontinuum generation
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (4.6 MB).
05 April Chengquan Li
Stabilizing carrier-envelope phase of KLS laser system
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (17 MB).
12 April Dipanwita Ray
How to measure CEP of few cycle laser pulse in COLTRIMS
19 April Chakra Maharjan
Wavelength-dependence of momentum-space images of low-energy electrons generated by short, intense laser pulses at the intensities in the tunneling region
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.0 MB).
26 April Irina Bocharova
Using COLTRIMS for pump-probe studies of molecular dynamics
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.6 MB).
28 April
Fri, 1430
Nico Stolterfoht
Guided transmission of highly charged ions though nanocapillaries in polymers
03 May Zhangjin Chen

Toru Morishita
UEC, Japan
2D momentum spectra of the ATI electrons - an update
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.6 MB).

Attosecond pulses for probing the time-resolved correlated electron dynamics in He
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.8 MB).
10 May
Bernold Feuerstein
Real-time observation of nature's fastest pendulum: pump-probe studies on molecular hydrogen
Summer 2006
30 May
Tue, 0900
Masanori Kaku
Norimasa Sakurai
High-order harmonic generation driven by intense sub-10 fs two-color pulses

Dense excitation of metal surface using high-order harmonics in the soft x-ray region
28 July
Fri, 1535
Zhiyi Wei
Chinese Academy
Phase control of few cycles laser pulses and amplification of a multi-100TW laser
03 Aug
Thu, 1030
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