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Fall 1998

Atomic Physics Seminars

Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 119.
Last updated on Tuesday October 21 2008.

Fall 1998
Date Speaker Topic
02 September Dan
Semiannual Update on Research
09 September Workshop on Fast Ion-Atom Collisions, Debrecen, Hungary
16 September Highly Charged Ions Conference, Bensheim, Germany
23 September Emil
How Well Can Current Theoretical Models Represent Ionization in Ion-Atom Collisions?
30 September Jian
Laser Trapping Neutral Atoms
07 October Discussion of New Initiatives
14 October Cristian
Polarization Effects in Ne*(2p53p) - He Collisions: Quantum Treatment and Comparison with Experiments
21 October Uwe Willie
Interface States at Semiconductor Heterojunctions
28 October DOE Contractors Meeting
30 October
Friday, CW143
Nico Stolterfoht
Hollow atom production in fast ion-atom and slow ion-solid interactions
02 November
Monday, 1430
Burkhard Fricke
Our New Development in the Description of Ion-Atom Collisions
04 November CAARI-98, Denton, Texas
18 November Daniel Zajfman
* Cancelled *
23 November
Monday, 1430
Hermann Rothard
Ionisation in Ion-Solid Collisions: Electron Emission and Track Creation
25 November Thanksgiving Break
02 December Eric
Charge Exchange in Very Slow "Half" Collisions
10 December
Thursday, 1330
Brett Esry
The HD+ Problem Revisited
16 December Final Exams

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