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These are the journal publications by the faculty, staff and students
working in the James R. Macdonald Laboratory in 2002.

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  • "Absolute Cross Sections and Decay Rates for the Triply Excited B+(2s2p2 2D) Resonance in Electron Metastable-Ion Collisions,"
    M. Zamkov, H. Aliabadi, E. P. Benis, P. Richard, H. Tawara, T.J.M. Zouros
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 032705-1 (2002)

  • "Boundary-Free Scaling Calculation of the Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation for Laser-Atom Interactions,"
    Z. X. Zhao, B. D. Esry, C. D. Lin
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 023402 (2002)

  • "Circular Dichroism in K-Shell Ionization from Fixed-in-Space CO and N2 Molecules,"
    T. Jahnke, Th. Weber, A. L. Landers, A. Knapp, S. Schössler, J. Nickles, S. Kammer, O. Jagutzki, L. Schmidt, A. Czasch, T. Osipov, E. Arenholz, A. T. Young, R. Díez Muiño, D. Rolles, F. J. García de Abajo, C. S. Fadley, M. A. Van Hove, S. K. Semenov, N. A. Cherepkov, J. Rösch, M. H. Prior, H. Schmidt-Böcking, C. L. Cocke, and R. Dörner,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 073002 (2002)

  • "Coherent control of phonons probed by time-resolved x-ray diffraction",
    A. M. Lindenberg, I. Kang, S. L. Johnson, R. W. Falcone, P. A. Heimann, Z. Chang, R. W. Lee, J. S. Wark,
    Optics Letters, 27, 869 (2002)

  • "Comparative Study of the Ground-State Dissociation of H2+ Induced by Ionizing and Electron-Capture Collisions with He+ at Velocities of 0.25 and 0.5 a.u."
    W. Wolff, I. Ben-Itzhak, H. E. Wolf, C. L. Cocke, M. A. Abdullah, and M. Stöckli
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 042710-1 (2002)

  • "Comprehensive theoretical and experimental analysis of Coster-Kronig electron spectra from 64-MeV S12+ ions excited through He gas and C-foil targets"
    M. Sataka, M. Imai, K. Kawatsura, K. Komaki, H. Tawara, A. Vasilyev, and U. I. Safronova
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 052704 (2002)

  • "Coster-Kronig electrons from the autoionizing Rydberg states of 2 MeV u-1 Si5+ ions excited through a thin C-foil target" ,br> M Sataka, M Imai, K Kawatsura, K Komaki, H Tawara, A Vasilyev and U I Safronova
    J. Phys. B 35, 267-281 (2002)

  • "Differential charge-transfer cross sections for Na+ with Rb collisions at low energies"
    T. G. Lee, H. Nguyen, X. Flechard, B. D. DePaola, and C. D. Lin
    Phys. Rev. A 66, 042701 (2002)

  • "Double Photoionization and Transfer Ionization of He: Shakeoff Theory Revisited"
    T. Y. Shi and C. D. Lin
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 163202 (2002)

  • "Double-to-Single Target Ionization Ratio for Electron Capture in Fast p-He Collisions"
    H. T. Schmidt et al.
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 163201 (2002)

  • "Dramatic extension of the high-order harmonic cutoff by using a long-wavelength pump",
    B. Shan, Z. Chang,
    Phys. Rev. A, 65, 011804(R) (2002)

  • "Dynamics of a single Rydberg shell in time dependent external fields"
    M Førre, D Fregenal, J C Day, T Ehrenreich, J-P Hansen, B Henningsen, E Horsdal-Pedersen, L Nyvang, O E Povlsen, K Taulbjerg and I Vogelius
    J. Phys. B 35, 401-419 (2002)

  • "Effect of hard-core repulsion on the structures of a trapped two-dimensional three-boson system"
    C. G. Bao, Y. Z. He, G. M. Huang et al.
    Phys. Rev. A, 65, 022508 (2002)

  • "Efimov resonances in atom-diatom scattering,"
    E. Nielsen, H. Suno, and B.D. Esry,
    Phys. Rev. A 66, 012705 (2002)

  • "Electron impact ionization of hydrogen-like molybdenum ions"
    H Watanabe, F J Currell, H Kuramoto, S Ohtani, B E O'Rourke and X M Tong
    J. Phys. B 35 5095-5103 (2002)

  • "Electron transfer and orbital hybridization in slow collisions between excited hydrogen atoms and aluminum surfaces"
    B. Bahrim, and U. Thumm
    Surface Science 521, 84-94 (2002)

  • "Electron yield from Be–Cu induced by highly charged Xeq+ ions"
    J. Krása, L. Láska, M. P. Stöckli and C. W. Fehrenbach
    Nucl. Instrum. & Methods B 196, 61-67 (2002)

  • "Energy sharing and asymmetry parameters for photo double ionization of helium 100 eV above threshold in single-particle and Jacobi coordinates"
    A Knapp, M Walter, Th Weber, A L Landers, S Schössler, T Jahnke, M Schöffler, J Nickles, S Kammer, O Jagutzki, L Ph H Schmidt, T Osipov, J Rösch, M H Prior, H Schmidt-Böcking, C L Cocke, J Feagin and R Dörner
    J. Phys. B 35 L521-L526 (2002)

  • "Experimental investigation of the asymptotic momentum wave function of the He ground state",
    H. Schmidt-Böcking et al.,
    AIP Conf. Proc. 604, 120 (2002)

  • "Formation of atomic tritium clusters and condensates,"
    D. Blume, B.D. Esry, C.H. Greene, N.N. Klausen, and G.J. Hanna,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 163402 (2002)

  • "Formation of N and N2 recoil ions from the bombardment of N2 gas by a 19 MeV F4+ beam"
    A.T. Hasan and T.J. Gray
    Nucl. Instrum. & Methods B 198, 1-4 (2002)

  • "Fraction of Metastable 1s2s 3S Ions in Fast He-like Beams (Z=5-9) Produced in Collisions with Carbon Foils,"
    M. Zamkov, E. P. Benis, P. Richard, T.J.M. Zouros
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 062706 (2002)

  • "High-order harmonic cutoff extension of the O2 molecule due to ionization suppression"
    Bing Shan, Xiao-Min Tong, Zengxiu Zhao et al.
    Phys. Rev. A, 66, 061401 (2002)

  • "In search of bare ions",
    C. W. Fehrenbach
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 676 (2002)

  • "Intermanifold similarities in partial photoionization cross sections of helium"
    Tobias Schneider, Chien-Nan Liu, and Jan-Michael Rost
    Phys. Rev. A, 65, 042715 (2002)

  • "Intermediate Energy Ionization of Helium by Proton Impact,"
    E. Edgu-Fry, C. L. Cocke, E. Sidky, C. D. Lin and M. Abdallah,
    J. Phys. B 35, 2603 (2002)

  • "L x-rays from low-energy (~ 2-keV/u) ions with L-shell vacancies produced in single collisions with atoms and molecules"
    H. Tawara, P. Richard, U. I. Safronova, A. A. Vasilyev, S. Hansen, and A. S. Shlyaptseva
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 042509 (2002)

  • "Mechanisms of Photo Double Ionization of Helium by 530 eV Photons,"
    A. Knapp, A. Kheifets, I. Bray, Th. Weber, A. L. Landers, S. Schössler, T. Jahnke, J. Nickles, S. Kammer, O. Jagutzki, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, T. Osipov, J. Rösch, M. H. Prior, H. Schmidt-Böcking, C. L. Cocke, and R. Dörner,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 033004 (2002)

  • "Multiply charged ion-induced secondary electron emission from metals relevant for laser ion source beam diagnostics",
    L. Láska, J. Krása, M. P. Stöckli, and C. W. Fehrenbach,
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 776 (2002)

  • "Near-threshold photodetachment of heavy alkali-metal anions"
    C. Bahrim, U. Thumm, A. A. Khuskivadze et al.
    Phys. Rev. A, 66, 052712 (2002)

  • "Observation and Analysis (Synthesis) of X-ray Spectrum Originated from Electron Capture of Low-Energy, Highly Charged Xeq+ (q=26-43) Ions in Single Collisions with Ar Atom,"
    A. A. Vasilyev, H. Tawara, P. Richard, U. I. Safronova
    Can. J. Phys. 80, 65 (2002)

  • "Observation of a Nearly Isotropic, High-Energy Coulomb Explosion Group in the Fragmentation of D2 by Short Laser Pulses,"
    A. Staudte, C. L. Cocke, M. H. Prior, A. Belkacem, C. Ray, H. W. Chong, T. E. Glover, R. W. Schoenlein, and U. Saalmann
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 020703-1 (2002)

  • "On the design of experiments for the study of relativistic nonlinear optics in the limit of single-cycle pulse duration and single-wavelength spot size",
    Mourou G, Chang Z, Maksimchuk A, Nees J, Bulanov SV, Bychenkov VY, Esirkepov TZ, Naumova NM, Pegoraro F, Ruhl H,
    Plasma Physics Reports, 28 (1): 12-27 (2002)

  • "P-state-to-P-state transitions in optically prepared atomic collisions: I. Theory of measurement in terms of Stokes parameters"
    E Y Sidky, S Grego, D Dowek and N Andersen
    J. Phys. B 35 2005-2033 (2002)

  • "Quantum localization in the high-frequency limit"
    Emil Persson, Shuhei Yoshida, Xiao-Min Tong et al.
    Phys. Rev. A, 66, 043407 (2002)

  • "Simultaneous Projectile-Target Ionization: A Novel Approach to (e, 2e) Experiments on Ions",
    H. Kollmus, R. Moshammer, R. E. Olson, S. Hagmann, M. Schulz, and J. Ullrich,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 103202 (2002)

  • "Stark-induced x-ray emission from high Rydberg states of H-like and He-like silicon ions",
    M. A. Gearba, R. A. Komara, S. R. Lundeen, W. G. Sturrus, C. W. Fehrenbach, B. D. DePaola, and X. Flechard
    Phys. Rev. A 66, 032705 (2002)

  • "Technique for the Determination of the 1s2s 3S Metastable Fraction in Two- Electron Ion Beams,"
    E. P. Benis, M. Zamkov, P. Richard, T.J.M. Zouros
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 064701 (2002)

  • "The hemispherical deflector analyser revisited. I. Motion in the ideal 1/r potential, generalized entry conditions, Kepler orbits and spectrometer basic equation"
    T. J. M. Zouros and E. P. Benis
    J. Electr. Spectr. 125, 221-248 (2002)

  • "Theory of molecular tunneling ionization"
    X. M. Tong, Z. X. Zhao, and C. D. Lin
    Phys. Rev. A 66, 033402 (2002)

  • "Three-body recombination of cold helium atoms,"
    H. Suno, B.D. Esry, C.H. Greene, and J.P. Burke, Jr.,
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 042725 (2002)

  • "Total Cross Section Calculations on Proton-Impact Ionization of Hydrogen,"
    Emil Y. Sidky, C. D. Lin
    Phys. Rev. A 65, 012711 (2002)

  • "Tunable high harmonic generation with an optical parametric amplifier",
    B. Shan, A. Cavalieri, Z. Chang,
    Appl. Phys. B 74, s23-s26 (2002)

  • "Triple electron capture in fast 0.5-1.1 MeV/u C6+ on Ar collisions"
    M. Zamkov, E. P. Benis, P. Richard et al.
    Phys. Rev. A, 66, 042714 (2002)

  • "Trapped rotating two-dimensional six-boson system with hard-core repulsion and the origin of magic numbers"
    C. G. Bao and T. Y. Shi
    Phys. Rev. A, 66, 013613 (2002)

  • "Threshold laws for three-body recombination"
    B. D. Esry, Chris H. Greene, and H. Suno
    Phys. Rev. A, 65, 010705 (2002)

  • "Ultracold three-body recombination of fermionic atoms,"
    B.D. Esry, H. Suno, and C.H. Greene,
    Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Atomic Physics (2002)


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