1996 JR Macdonald Lab
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The good news from the Macdonald Laboratory for this year is tempered by the loss of Professor John Giese. He was a friend to everybody and the driving force on the ion-ion collision facility. He was directing two graduate students, Chun-Yen Chen and Allen Landers. In addition, Frank Melchert from the University of Giessen, who was on a one-year Humboldt Fellowship, worked with John on the construction and the installation of the ion-ion facility.


In spite of hard times for government funding of research, the Lab continues to fare well. We are operating on the first year of a three-year Department Of Energy grant. The first year funding level is $1.8M. We also received a $621K from DOE from the Accelerator and Reactor Improvement and Modification fund. This money allowed us to relocate the He compressor for our LHe production plant to a new building located off of the accelerator roof, in order to reduce the noise and vibration in the Lab, and to perform upgrades to the Tandem, LINAC, and CRYEBIS. We have submitted a second request for ARIM funds for FY-96.

The personnel associated with the laboratory are 12 faculty, 4 research associates, 14 graduate students, 6 undergraduate students, and 10 staff members.


The number of visitors, users, and collaborators during the last two years has been visibly up. We have had Prof. Eduardo Montenegro, Pontificia Universidade Catholica Do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Prof. S. L. Varghese, University of South Alabama; Dr. Reinhard Dörner, Feodor Lynen Fellow, and Dr. Joachim Ullrich, G.S.I., Germany; Dr. Hiro Tawara, National Institute for Fusion, Japan; Dr. Mititaka Terasawa, Himeji University, Japan; Prof. Burkhard Fricke and Dr. Peter Kürpick, University of Kassel, Germany; Prof. Jean Pierre Briand, University of Paris, France; Prof. Steve Lundeen and Dr. Charles Fahrenbach, Colorado State University; Dr. Yohko Awaya, Dr. Tadashi Kambara, and Dr. Yasuyuki Kanai, RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan; and Prof. Eugene Rudd and Dr. George Kerby, University of Nebraska.


Other recent news of note:

Pat Richard
Director, Macdonald Lab

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