1995 JR Macdonald Lab
Departmental Newsletter Article

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It has been another exciting year in the Macdonald Laboratory. We have just completed and submitted to DOE our three year progress report for the period FY92-FY94, and our three year proposal for FY95-FY97.

In November 1994 we anticipate that an outside review panel of the Department of Energy will be here to review our progress and to discuss our proposed research. The result of this review sets the standard for our funding for the next three years. Our requested budget level for FY95 funding, which begins February 15, 1995 for us, is approximately 1.9M$.

The JRM staffing level is nearly the same as last year. We have 13 faculty, 2 visiting faculty, 4 research associates, 7 staff members, 14 graduate students, and 6 undergraduate students.

Here are some of the exciting things occurring in the laboratory:

Pat Richard
Director, JRML
November '94

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