1921 Reunion Key


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  1. John Burkdoll?
  2. Hattie Needham
  3. George R. Belt
  4. Olive Eddy Needham
  5. George Robert Belt?
  6. John Dana Needham
  7. Anna Needham Hendrix
  8. Stephen G. Needham
  9. Harold Needham
  1. Frank Lehew
  2. Floyd Carter
  3. Fred L. Needham
  4. Stephen D. Needham
  5. Jennie June Needham
  6. Ray Belt
  7. George Robert Belt?
  8. Dorothy Needham Belt
  9. Maretta Grant Needham
Fred L. Needham, number 12 above, is the author's grandfather, but the Harold Needham pictured as number 9 above is not his father (who hadn't been born yet).

August 14, 1921

Sunday the Needham families and all those related to them in this community held a family reunion. The Rev. Dean Ellenwood of Woonsocket R. I. and Miss Thelma Needham of Kansas City were also present.

In the morning they attended the Methodist church where Rev. Ellenwood conducted services in the absence of Rev. Muir. His sermon was from the test "the wise and foolish virgins." They then gathered at the home of Dana Needham. Each family had brought its share of food; the good things were spread on tables and after the Reverend had returned thanks they passed around and helped themselves cafeteria style.

They spend the afternoon visiting, singing, playing, and discussing degrees of cousinship. The family or "clan" traces its ancestry back to Anthony Needham, who was born in 1628. The old Needham homestead near Boston, Mass., which he built in 1665 is still standing and has been visited by several who were present Sunday. The family record has been very carefully kept and the names of the members of different branches are all on file at the old homestead.

Although the attendance at the reunion was not as large as it would have been had the weather been better, it was large enough to insure a good time and the Needhams have planed to make it an annual event from now on. Those present were: Rev. E. Dean Ellenwood; Margaret Needham Burkdoll, Eliza Burkdoll, John Burkdoll, Bessie Burkdoll Cook, Paul D. Cook, Mary Needham Lee, Charles Lee, Everett Lee, Anna Lee Patten, Clinton H. Patten, Norma Lee Patten, Lillian Belle Patten, Frank Lehew, Belle Lee Lehew, Eliza Needham Hendrix, Edgar Hendrix, Oscar Hendrix, Hazel Hendrix, Gale Donald Hendrix, Mila Hendrix, Anna Needham Hendrix, Sheridan Hendrix, Stanley Rawson, Geo. E. Hendrix, Viola M. Hendrix, Elwin Junior Hendrix, Ida Hendrix Kimball, Ross Kimball, Annabeth Kimball, Roberta May Kimball, Ross Donald Kimball, Sarah Needham Riebe, Frances Jane Riebe, Katherine Riebe, Stephen D. Needham, Nellie Needham, Harold Needham; J. Dana Needham, Retta Needham, Geo. R. Belt, Dorothy Needham Belt, Robert Belt, Barton Needham, Laura Needham, Elmo Shepherd, Sallie E. Shepherd, Flora Needham Hahn, Gus A. Hawn, Cecil Shepherd, Barton Lewis Needham, Olive Needham, Lulu Mae Needham; Stephen G. Needham, Daisy Needham, Raymond B. Needham, Harriot E. Needham, Thelma Needham; Jennie Needham Carter, Floyd Carter, Lafayette Carter, Mildred Carter, Henry Carter, Ilo Carter.

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