Departmental Colloquia
Fall 1997

Departmental Colloquia
(as of 11 September 1997)

Colloquia are held at 1630 hrs on Thursdays in Cardwell 102. Refreshments are served beforehand at around 1615 hrs in Cardwell 119.

Fall 1997
Date Speaker Topic
04 September Mike Lubbell
Science in Crisis
11 September Available
18 September Dave Schramm
Shadows of Creation: Dark Matter of the Universe
25 September Hongxing Jiang
Semiconductor Blue Lasers
02 October Michael Tringides
Iowa State
Surface Diffusion: From Single Atom Hopping to Collective Effects
03-04 October Midwest Solid State Conference
07 October
Mark Dragovan
The Cosmic Microwave Background and its Anisotropies
16 October Weng Chow
Physics of Semiconductor Lasers
23 October Dave Wall
San Francisco
The Physics of Magic and Vice-Versa
24-25 October KSU AAPT AOK Conference
30 October Uwe Thumm
Interaction of Highly-Charged Ions with Curved and Flat Surfaces
04 November
Tom Shutt
Searching for WIMP Dark Matter with Cyrogenic Detectors
13-14 November DOE Panel Review of JRM Lab
20 November Sharon Hagopian
Florida State
Search for Leptoquarks at the Fermilab Collider
27 November Thanksgiving
04 December Peter Taborek
UC Irvine
Superfluid Drops
11 December J. Rabalais
Elemental-, Spatial-, and Temporal-Resolution of Ion Interaction Phenomena on Surfaces

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